MBTI® Certification Training Program
Preparation and Agenda
Myers Briggs training
"Initially I was intimidated by the amount of information we were covering, but the style and delivery of the program made it very accessible. Excellent training program."
Steve Urquhart
Myers Briggs training

Preparation and Agenda

Registering for an MBTI® certification session is the beginning of an extremely rewarding training experience. The four-day program immerses you in an active and collaborative learning environment that depends both on your preparation and your participation, as outlined below. Upon successful completion of the course, you will be able to purchase and administer the MBTI Step I and Step II assessments.


Preparation for the class begins after you register for one of the certification sessions. You will receive instructions via email with everything you need to complete so you will be fully prepared for the class. Following that, you will receive a shipment including some of the program materials listed below. You will complete approximately 3 hours of pre-work which includes taking the MBTI assessment online. Please plan on spending approximately 2 hours nightly on each online learning homework assignment. In order to get the full value of the program and pass all the exams, it is very important that you complete the pre-work activities by the given deadlines.

You are required to devote your full attention to this four-day program. Choose a week that is clear of any other commitments.

Your tuition includes MBTI reference materials and support tools to ensure you have the information and resources you need to immediately put your knowledge into practice after the training. Go to Take Away Resources for an explanation of these valuable materials.

When the first day of class arrives, you will begin four days of intense, enjoyable, and interactive learning. At the end of the program you will be required to pass the exam.

Day One

  • Virtual training platform overview
  • Using the MBTI® Assessment with Teams and Work Groups
  • Introducing the MBTI® Assessment
  • Exploring Team Type Tables
  • Applying Type with Teams
  • Preparing to give MBTI® Step I Individual Feedback
  • Setup for Interpreting MBTI Results on Day 2
  • Homework to Prepare for Day Two

Day Two

  • Using the MBTI® Step I Assessment with Individuals
  • Administration Guidelines
  • Understanding MBTI® Results
  • Interpretation Guidelines and Guidance
  • MBTI® Step I Individual Feedback Practice
  • Type Dynamics
  • The Eight Dominant Processes
  • Type and Stress
  • Homework to Prepare for Day Three

Day Three

  • Type Development
  • Culture's Influence
  • Using Type for Leadership Development
  • Development and Uses of the MBTI® Step II Assessment
  • Exploring the MBTI® Step II Interpretive Report
  • Facet Definitions and Activities: MBTI® Step II Interpretative Report
  • Homework to Prepare for Day Four

Day Four

  • Overview of the Elevate Online Assessment Delivery Platform
  • Step II Individual Feedback Practice
  • Using the MBTI® Step II Assessment with a Team
  • MBTI® Technical Aspects Breakouts: Trait vs Type, Reliability, Validity
  • MBTI® Ethics Breakouts
  • Exam and Evaluations

Self-directed Learning Topics Include:

  • Type vs. Trait: MBTI Instruments Compared to Most Other Personality Instruments
  • Construction of the MBTI® Step I Assessment
  • Reliability
  • Validity
  • Contracting and Ethics

Note: In the event you do not pass the exams, an essay retake exam will be sent to you.

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