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Myers Briggs training
"This program helped me better understand my own preferences and behaviors, and gave me a wonderful foundation for delivery with clients and teams."
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Myers Briggs training

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When you become certified to administer and interpret the world's most widely recognized personality assessment, the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI®) instrument, you not only enrich yourself, you get a certification that stays with you for a lifetime of helping people learn about themselves.

The program comes with a broad range of reference materials which you will use to prepare for the class. But these are more than just classroom materials—these resources serve as the foundation for building your career as a successful MBTI practitioner.

This comprehensive package of materials is a major enhancement to the value of the training. Using these essential tools will help give you the confidence to begin working with clients immediately. The total value for these alone would be over $1500, and they are all included in the certification program:

  • MBTI®Certification Online Refresher Course: This self-paced online video course provides a brief but comprehensive review of the information you learned in the program. Refresh your skill-building on demand!
  • MBTI® Manual: Essential reference for users of the MBTI® Global Step I and Step II instrument (downloadable PDF)
  • Introduction to Myers-Briggs® Type: Guide for understanding MBTI results during introductory workshops and one-on-one feedback sessions
  • Exploring Your Myers-Briggs® Type: a workbook to provide your clients for use during their feedback session
  • MBTI® Step I Feedback Cards: these cards provide talking points, illustrations, and prompts to make an MBTI Step I feedback session easy and effective
  • MBTI® Step II User's Guide: New perspectives on personality type and the Step II approach (downloadable PDF)
  • Understanding Your Step II Results: Clear descriptions and exercises for trainers to enhance clients' understanding and development
  • MBTI® Step II Feedback Cards: provide a step-by-step comprehensive exploration of the 20 Step II facets to use during a Step II feedback
  • MBTI® Certification Program Practitioner Tools: This flash drive includes slides and instructions for running two group activities. Also included are MBTI® Step I and Step II Feedback Sessions: Video examples of best practices for presenting MBTI feedback with individuals or groups
  • Understanding and Working with Personality Type: This flash drive contains everything you need to conduct an introductory Myers-Briggs training, including PowerPoint presentations, facilitator's script and notes, and participant worksheets
  • Participant's Resource Guide: a comprehensive notebook of the essential program materials
  • Elevate® account license*: 12-month license to the online assessment delivery platform for certified practitioners. Use this online platform to conveniently administer the MBTI assessment and purchase reports and other materials for clients.

These practical resources, along with the highly personal training you receive in the classroom, will help you choose the best approach when working with individuals or groups. You will be ready to establish the proper mindset for people taking the assessment, find the right balance between talks and activities, be prepared for the tough questions, and learn to leverage your own type strengths when leading MBTI workshops.

*Available only to US-based participants who successfully become certified. The license is activated when participants are sent an email invitation post-certification to set up their Elevate account, and expires after 12 months even if the participant did not complete account setup. At the end of the 12-month license term, practitioners will have the option to renew at the regular price. This license is for a new Elevate account only and cannot be used to extend the term of an existing account or transferred to someone else.

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